Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Great Destiny


What do you think?
Is there such thing as the greatest coincidence in life?

Well, it had been a surprising week for me. Of all that had happen direct me toward a road I had not yet decide. So, maybe it's just a coincidence. Or maybe The Almighty just want to show me which turn I should take. Personally for me, I didn't really believe that something happen without reason. Everything that happen had it's own cause and consequences.

This one I can't forget.
There's one day, when I lost my handphone. I look for it everywhere but I still can't find it. Then, my mom advice me to make a nazar (a promise to do something such as fasting or donating something if your wish had been granted). And so I made one. ------
Suddenly, in less than a minute, the phone rang and it was from my 7-yrs-old-sister's school.
Guess what? They'd found my handphone.
That was surprisingly fast!

There's one Subuh prayer I can't forget. It was different. Very soothing and calming. I just had no word to describe it. the worst part is that, I can't even remember when it happen.

A series of coincidence.
1. I had been elected to be someone I, myself considered important. but the thing is that, it requires me to speak my mind. That, ppl, is my biggest weakness. All these while, I just listen and take in what others had told me, without having to further think deep into something. but now, I need to put in effort to change. of which I didn't know how.
How to turn from no one to someone. Yes, it requires effort. I know. All these while, I look up upon those who can convey something efficiently. Cause I just know I can't be one. I never can be one.
But it is a must for me now. I just can't turn my back. I had to thrust forward, using the right medium.

2. The class and the irrelevant information.... *arhhhh* I don't know. heh~ (just ignore this will you)

3. I planned to go to the playground, but then I end up listening to this talk at musolla. I still wasn't sure I really want to listen to this. But suddenly, it rains heavily. Alhamdulillah. Allah guided me to be in the right track, to make a right choice.
Of what I learned here is to think what's best for you before you do something.
and take full responsibility of it.

4. The tadabbur surah... Qaf..
Sweet. teaches me to not underestimate others. And to be brave to say or advice something that may seem wrong to your views. well, that came from the discussion actually, not the content of the surah.

One thing about learning and teaching others are that it requires us to think and feel the knowledge. To think wisely, we need to first attempt an afford to go and find the knowledge..
But most importantly, sincerity (ikhlas).
Sincere to ourselves. Sincere in learning. Sincere to others.
Have faith.

I may still think something just on the surface for now. but, I'll develop my thinking skill over time. Insya-Allah.(God's Willing)

oh, yes, I was thinking that a greatest destiny would be appropriate to replace the coincidence.
Err, if coincidence never happen, why is it that we learn probability again?? ahaa

Barangsiapa memasuki jalan menuntut ilmu, Allah akan mempermudahkan baginya jalan ke syurga.

"So, verily, with every difficulty there is relief. Verily with every difficulty there is relief" (Ash-Sharh:5-6)

That, ppl is a good motivation drive.

p/s: how our cell is working inside us right now is really amusing... woohooo... way to go cells. nice job. Alhamdullillah.

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