Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stories. Random stories, on life.

Now, reading scrolling down friends blogposts, facebook posts, of stories and sketches, of life and leasons, heartful, mindful opinions.
-people are there, here with stories, they value life, and of lessons learn through life. Ye, and that teaches me to value life. Easy.-

Upon Friendships' catastrophy, not at ease, a two sided images falling through. A different view, and of anger and hateret. And of a total misunderstanding! Just hours pass an emotional judgements. Be rational, keep calm. Dont let anger blow your mind off. Please. Or, can i just stay to be the ignorent me?

Upon those, each and everyone take important roles in my life, shaping up the character inside, of the A that teaches me to be patient, rational. And the S with sincerity and positive views on friendship, a detailed measure, care and views. And U with the love of a little sister. T, still holding back, with great understanding, as well as F, still, of a great courage on things. These, are people with great care, for friendship.

Now, randomly for note, the bbq night out, the junior makan2 afternoon, the Killdare shop, and ikea, now with lost and found tricks playing, above all, of regrets, for not giving the best, the one that we love most.
Plus, on how i got great expensive stuffs from ppl around. Sobs.

Most importantly, syukur dan regret, which will come on top of one another? Which dominates?

Now we are manouvering our way through, differently.

Sabar, sabar, sabar. Al ankabut page second lasts.

Moving, manouvering.

P/s: an attempt to value life.