Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IB...wooooWooooHHhoooooo yeah



are you guys reaaaddyyyyy??


kita bakaooorrrr je.

insya Allah.

keep on moving.

just do it.

and the best will be ours.

just another battle of ours.

there's a lot more

later on in the future.


so yeahh. hahahah

bringgg ittttttttttttt oonnnnnnnn!!!


p/s: selawat banyak banyak selawat banyak banyak.
dan bukan untuk exam ja.
untuk hari2.
selawat banyak2.


counting days






Wednesday, March 16, 2011



oh yes, i do agree,
that to not be afraid, is to be ready.

in everything.
and trust me, it'll motivate more,
and will ease our way through - better, smoother with full satisfaction!

we can do this.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

note to self


note to self.

while all of us are still having the right momentum, do not stop.
don't even think of having a rest - even for a while.
argh. susahlahh.

okay, maybe a day of resting wouldn't hurt? would it?

okay, i need to breath okay. i need a space of my own - sometimes, so would you mind giving it to me, please. shut up. you're the one who did not make way for yourself, now you're blaming others. whatt theee....

she's just perfect! her style, her tone, her strengths, of what's inside her. oh, she herself is just perfect.
how she take control over what is happening. oh dear she, you're worth of respecting and envied by.

he, oh dear he, you're perfect too. (sigh) but this time around, i'll not let it trigger my good old stupidity. i'll try my very best to do so.

that incident, of the other she makes me think. that its not worth it to jeopardize a friendship over a stupidity. i'll remember it forever dear she, i will.

(sigh) another 50 days or so. and i don't think i'm as prepared as the others.

stupidity. when will i stop impulses of this from being released. oh when? argh!

right. claim ourselves to be 20's and make use of this to do anything, while that stupid old stupidity is within us. oh c'mon! who are you cheating? your own stupid self. argh.

okay, i know, i know. 'kata2 itu doa'
well, at least these are typed words of mine - tak bermaksud 'kata2'. mungkin?

yeah. sure. call me EMO.
i'll accept it with an OPEN HEART!


p/s: momentum. please keep on hanging. don't go. please don't I need you.

p/s/s: for another story of a he, a she and us in between. a complete circuit of love. oh, he (the book) - i can't believe he said that. oh, and i can't believe she cried. of trees and chicken chop, is just wonderful. us.

Monday, February 14, 2011

dewan peperiksaan dan kesyukuran

I had lots and lots of wonderful stories to share,

ini ringkasan rasanya.

saya ada keluarga yang sangattt supportive! dan sangat hebat!
saya tak sangka langsung itu yang terjadi.
"Kita usaha, Allah yang bagi, kita tak tau, takpa, doa ja dapat yang terbaik.
baik segala. kita tak tahu mana yang baik, ada rezeki ada la."
"siapkan semua, takpa. buat betul2"
"kalau dapat tu, semua dari Allah, jangan dok cakap orang lain sapa2 apa ka bagi. semua dari Tuhan."

dearest sis, i'd been in your shoes,
i will never let you be alone facing what i'd face.
insya Allah, i'll try my very best to sort everything out.
you have your Creator, and you have us. i WANT you to feel that!
keep on trying sis. i will try me very best to help you on this,
pray dear, pray, cry if that is what soothes you.
but never, never give up.
cause this world is an examination hall.

saya ada kawan2 yang sangat hebat!
i never imagined of having this circles of friends.
They share and they care, sooo much! seronoklah
terima kasih ya sudi jadi kawan saya.
banyak benda yang anda, anda dan anda ajar saya.
tu la, daripada anda anda semualah saya belajar erti persahabatan yang betul2 kaw punya.
ada sikit nak bagitau,
jangan sesekali judge orang. yes its a human nature to have some kind of perception, first impression and what not. but at least try. try very veryy hard to no not judge anyone in this world.
go on, venture you world, pick up the good stuffs, let go of the bad rotten one, but never judge and criticize.
kau, ya kau diri sediri jangan ingat kau hebat orang lain tak. sekali kau rasa macam tu, tolonggglaa pergi gosok hati dengan clorox!
sekali kau tengok apa kawan2 kau yang ni mampu buat. ha ambik kauuuu!
rasa nak hentak diri sendiri.
well, kadang2 rasanya even better than kawan2 kau yang tu.
so, jangan judge. jangan judge.
nampak tak masuk dengan pemahaman anda pun, jangan judge, sebab we never know.
in a split second, kekuatan yang Allah nak bagi, kita tak tau.

setiap orang sesuai dengan pembawakan masing2
dan ya, insya Allah, given the right drive, sampai jugak final destination tu.
kawan kawan. =)
after all, ukhwah, persahabatan yang kuat tu, benteng pertahanan daripada syaitan.

and yes, this is the toughest examinations ever existed.

al-quran hati segala, segala benda ada situ.
p tengok. betul tak. bagi saya, no doubt la.

true, everything in life is a trial, examinations to evaluate 360 degree of everything.
nikmat is a trial
hardship is also one.
all this things happen to me and I found all the solution that I need in ArRum. 5 pages depan.
so yeah, read those up. that is the reality of life.
the reality that we should face.
things that we should avoid.
plus. ada ayat yang cakap pasal hujan dan kilat
dan masa saya baca tu, guruh dan kilat baru lepas menjalankan tugasan mereka.
can't memorize everything, i myself should take a look at it again.

Salam Maulidur Rasul! I will try my very best to do, what should be done.
Ya Rasul, i pray to Allah, that you will always occupy my heart and soul. Ya Rabb, granted my dua', for the love, is one of the best remedies for my broken, torn, rotten heart.

for me, there are things that we do not have to say out loud,
to show it is more that enough to convey what you want to convey.
actions do speak louder that word, actions do.
jangan tengok anyone is worse than you.

make them better, or at par with us.
and just be thankful if you got to feel it.
just to have a heart cleared from doubt and hatred, is indeed one of the greatest rahmat that we should really, really be thankful of.

dan ya,
kehidupan itu secara keseluruhannya adalah sebuah peperiksaan yang sedang kita lalui,
dan akan diberi pemarkahannya kelak


after all, semua nikmat ni, it all came from the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.