Friday, November 16, 2012


#1 whatever comes from the heart, goes to the heart#
this is what I'd been missing these years. of all these years.

everything seems to fit in. a normal day I shall say.

head is still spinning. the hatred is in. lots to jot down so that I will remember, and not forget. lots and lots of it. thinking that notes, will help me to be a better me, perhaps?

I was wrong. I wanted to get things organised all these while. everything, I prepared notes, hoping that things will get better. not just study notes, no. notes, for my life. I forgot something more to it.

The feel, the love, the heart, ikhlas.
I forgot to let the heart gets it, not just the mind.

Crying. lost. I feel weak. very weak, outside and deep inside.

I wanted to make a change. i really do. but everything went on, badly.

well, the first note, is the change.
now the list.

#2 niat yang salah, akan membawa kepada guru yang salah
#3 if you love someone, you will want to know em by heart, emuli em.
#4 done. i don't want to care of whatever people thinks.
#5 i now want to do things my way. the Islam way of it.
#6 therefore I have to learn. by heart. of iman, taqwa, ilmu.

that's just it. prioritising is important. everybody have their own life.
don't simply compare. you holds your own

#7 tawakkal, the Siti Hajar's way. (safa marwah, saie')
#8 study evidences, don't just use heart and feelings for it, and that is what called the knowledge, ilmu.

I love Rasulullah, therefore I want to know my beloved one.
I'm a servant, a slave in this world, therefore I want to just put my head on the ground, and let alone the Creator be in my heart. this, comes will amal, effort, kesungguhan.
I want to learn things by heart, therefore, I want to put my pen down, listens, craved it, on the heart, and let it flow, by doing it. amalkan.

saya ingin akan tarbiyah,
and ingin mentarbiyah, bukan agar mereka bergantung harap pada saya,
tapi, agar mereka, sama-sama menyumbang ke arah yang haq.

amal. amal. amal.

of UAI's ceramah, random notes on the net, and Al Maghrib's the Shepherd's path.

p/s: keluarga kurang sihat. doakan, saya dan mereka. insyaAllah.
Ya Rabb. berkatilah masa kami.

buat diri yang ingin melangkah, cepatlah. cepat. mereka, merekaa sudah jauh melangkah.

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