Saturday, August 28, 2010

Booster Shot - Ramadhan edition.

Ramadhan is leaving. time moves, and it is v important to remember that.
recently, i'm searching for meanings in life. and these days. v difficult indeed.

just to tell you, even how far I went on searching, it brings me back to ISLAM, the way of life.
it gives me tranquillity when I needed it the most, and to remember our creator, is v soothing.
i need courage and bravery. HE gives me, when I needed it the most.

Ya Allah, the most Merciful, aid us to the right path. and make every second we live in this world with iman and taqwa, so that we'll be prepared when the day comes.

and please ya Allah, I want us - family, teachers and friends, muslimin & muslimat - to live together in Jannah, without to go though the hell fire. I beg you ya Rabb...

i really really really miss my family right now.
i must strive for victory.
it is what i hear 5 times a day.

i must not be lazy. be strong, read
yes, and have dreams. reach em'
finddunya wal akhirah

never give up
and ramadhan is still here.

so, you still have time to refresh!

yey! do it with love and understanding.
InsyaAllah. we'll make it through!

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