Friday, July 2, 2010

nothing important


subahanallah! the skies are beautified by awesome fluffy-cotton-candy cloud!
those are the signs for those who think and believe.

Life teaches us lots of wonderful stuffs.
see, sometimes, i feel like I need to be alone, by myself, and discover all the things that I'd done wrong.
I hate to be in a large crowd, I hate it when I mess up my life, and I really really hate it when I look silly and stupid.
I hate it when I downgraded someone, and have bad perceptions on someone.
I need to make improvements.
what's rights and what's wrong are clearly shown but it seems like I never attempt to go beyond my comfort zone,
take presentation for example. I'll try very hard to find escapism rather than to find solutions.
I'm not a good presenter and oh well, I just don't have the courage.
but, if I had to, I will. but till now, I never presented in English class.

everyone else is going ahead of me, and I could just see them moving.
I don't know... It feels bad to just stand here forever. but, oh well. since I don't dare to do so, Seems like I really have to stand here forever....

I realise something really important about life.
First of all, this life is not ours,
time is also not ours, so, don't afraid to not having enough time for improvement,
try and leave everything else to Allah.

I don't want to do stupid things again.
I love knowledge, as it feeds my mind.
but to get the knowledge is not easy.
Taqwa and istiqamah is important.

time can flow very fast if you tried very hard to control it, but have faith, and just focus on doing something one at a time. we do have more than enough time. than it'll be fine.

I'd made a mistake. I don't know, it feels wrong.
I hate it! InsyaAllah, I'll not repeat it.
Knowledge could come at any time in life,
we just need to strongly believe.

this is a mess.


I need a break, to reorganise my life.

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