Saturday, March 20, 2010

It Got Screwed Up!


Tomorrow I'll be going back to college.
Mid sem break officially ends~

Dear me, just remember to stay away from driving for this short while.

The broken side mirror cost RM 200.00++... oh man, I feel sooo guilty. Money is flowing rapidly, and that reckless act of mine add up to the sum.... I'm such a burden...
Oh, not to forget the engine starter moment as well.

No more driving for me....
At least for this few months.

I don't want to grow up...
Can I stay to be a 3 years old child for a while, please...
I miss the good old days when I'm in my childhood life.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Waking UP


This few months ware a hectic one.

I had enough break.
Now, I need to wake up, and be brave to stand for what I think is right..
As long as you know you did the right thing, don't hesitate to carry on with what you're doing.
Keep on moving!

Solve everything one by one.

Oh, did I mention before that I'm undergoing international baccalaureate diploma programme.
Maybe some of you understand what I mean.